Instructions for hanging windchimes

Here are the ways and tools for hanging the chimes that you can refer to and guides to hang the big windchimes.

Safety rules

  • In case the windchime is hang over one’s head or there are babies/children, please place 1 pot of plant or any kinds of interior/ exterior decorations under it for safety.
  • Big windchimes should be hang where is safe, secured, firmed with metarials (used to hang) that are in good condition/ quality.


  • Windchimes should be hang where the wind is passing.
  • If indoor/ on the desk: Place it near the fan or air conditioner.

Windchimes settings

The pulley + hand winch system

The pulley + hand winch system makes it easy for you to lift up the chimes and lower them. Especially for places where often have storms or high winds, when these phenomena occur, you can use the pulley to easily lift up and lower the chimes to ensure the safety of people and objects around.

The hanging tree uses
a pulley + hand winch winch system.

Note: Crossbar width = 0.75 x
                                Total chime length

Hand winch

The Grass Mellow hanged on swing stand.

Swing stand

You can reuse the swing stand that is no longer in use to hang the bell.

Formed Eye Bolt + Drop In Anchor

For concrete ceilings, you can use Formed eye bolt with Drop-in anchor. (Drill a hole in the ceiling, insert the Drop-in anchor in the hole. Next thread the eye bolt into the anchor and push it down strongly to expand the drop-in acre to fasten to the concrete, tighten it until snug. Then hang the chimes on the eye bolt.)

Big Eye BoltSmall Eye Bolt
Use forTube OD 35-60mm chimesTube OD 30mm and smaller chimes
Outside Diameter1-1/2″1-1/8″
–> Use drill bit10mm8mm

Use the S-hook
to hang on the existing crossbar.

Hang the chime with a chain
on the crossbar in the balcony.

Other tools

You can use zinc wire, chain or S-hooks,… depending on the location to hang the chimes.

Guides for

hanging windchimes

Step 1: Identify the top of the chime box (with a sticker/handwritten chime name)

Step 2: Open the top of the chime box, pull the cap out of the box, find the safety hook (under the striker).

Step 3: Hold the hook and striker in one hand, the other hand lift up the top of the box and move to the position where the chime is hung (another person carries the other end of the box).

Step 4: Stand the chime box upright and hang the hook in the prepared position. You need to make sure that the position can withstand the weight of the bell, be certainty, high enough to fit the length of chime and has enough space for wind-sail to fly. Beside it must has wind.

Step 5: Pull the chime box, plastic bubble down slowly to let the chime out of the box. Note: Slowly pull for the chime tubes out of the box. Balance the tubes and place the striker in the center and you’re done.

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