1st know CNC machine when I work at Vietubes Corporation an Oil & Gas Company, there is a lot of CNC machine that I really interested in but don’t have any chance to play with it because it require a certification to operate and that is not part of my Major (IT).

When I came back to Saigon, I put on my list of thing a DIY CNC, trying to play with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to control some stepper motor, I fail all the time because the electronic is quite hard to find in Vietnam, mine was shipped from China and it getting overheat all the time. About the Structure of the CNC I want to make a Wood Frame of a machine but I also fail because my Carpenter friend get bankruptcy and he come back to his hometown.

Finally I decide to buy a CNC to play with. It cost me thousand dollar :'(. But I need it for my Windchimes production. Before when I don’t have this machine, it’s really a pain in the ass to craft the wood to suit my need :'(

Lucky that I have a few knowledge of a CNC to getting start, here’s some of my recent work