Specification & Size chart of Dofrance

Meditation Musical Windchimes

How to read our Specification & Sizechart:

  • Look for details of 01 windchimes: Please look vertically from above to below. (For examples: Name “Crystal” – Lenghth “27cm”, Longest Tube “13cm”, Weight “0.15kg”,…)

  • View windchimes in relation with the space: Windchimes in each chart are assumed to be hang at 3m (proportion preserved)


  • Use human figures to make comparison to the windchimes (the male ~ 1m8, the female ~ 1m7).

Price of

Color changing & Laser engraving

From 1 Jan 2020, we announced the fee for 2 services: Color changing & Laser engraving. Details are below:

Other design services

This section is for Customers that are looking for new designs of image/ logo/ icon, etc. to engrave on the windchimes, or the need of new windchime/ new instrument that are not yet available at Dofrance Windchimes.

Graphic-related design


  • Logo/icon/image file for laser engraving which Customers do not have a ready-to-print file.
  • Customized packaging for windchimes (e.g: to gift to friends or other purposes). 
  • Sticker to label on windchimes’ box.
  • Postcard or image attached along with the windchime as gifts.
  • Other similar requests.

We will inform the final price depending on each case. 

A whole new design


  • New windchimes with tube number/ size that stand out of Dofrance Windchimes standard.
  • Outdoor chime/ percussion upon request.
  • New musical instrument (may or may not use our existing materials).
  • Chime/ Percussion for altar/ for tea retreat/ for monastery space/ other particular spaces, etc.
  • Other similar requests.

We will inform the final price depending on each case.

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