Specification & Size chart of Dofrance

Meditation Musical Windchimes

32How to read our Specification & Sizechart:

  • Look for details of 01 windchimes: Please look vertically from above to below. (For examples: Name “Brass – Fire” – Lenghth “32cm”, Longest Tube “13cm”, Weight “0.22kg”,…)

  • View windchimes in relation with the space: Windchimes in each chart are assumed to be hang at 3m (proportion preserved)


  • Use human figures to make comparison to the windchimes (the male ~ 1m8, the female ~ 1m7).

Price of

Color changing & Laser engraving

From 1 Jan 2020, we announced the fee for 2 services: Color changing & Laser engraving. Details are below:

Transport Charge

Orders shipped within Vietnam

  • You transfer money in advance:

We will free shipping fee and send by Grab (for customers within Saigon city), or by Vietnam Post (for customers within Vietnam).

  • You choose Cash on Delivery (C.O.D):

We will send by Vietnam Post and please pay the shipping fee.

Please note: For this form, we will not show the goods first, due to the special packing, customers will not be able to repackage the chimes as they were original after viewing. Therefore, to avoid wasting both parties’ time, if customers accept, we will send the chimes or customers can come to see directly at the workshop and get the chimes.

Orders shipped abroad

For international orders, the payment method is bank transfer or Paypal payment in advance and please pay the shipping fee.

Please Note: All orders are shipped from our main workshop in Saigon, goods may be subject to local import duties and taxes which are payable in your country before delivery can be made. Customers will be responsible for any local duties and taxes that are required. For more information, please check with your local government authority before ordering if you are unsure.

String Replacement Fee

This fee is for chimes that are broken after the warranty period or for some reasons you want to replace the string.

Other design services

This section is for Customers that are looking for new designs of image/ logo/ icon, etc. to engrave on the windchimes, or the need of new windchime/ new instrument that are not yet available at Dofrance Windchimes.

Graphic-related design


  • Logo/icon/image file for laser engraving which Customers do not have a ready-to-print file.
  • Customized packaging for windchimes (e.g: to gift to friends or other purposes). 
  • Sticker to label on windchimes’ box.
  • Postcard or image attached along with the windchime as gifts.
  • Other similar requests.

We will inform the final price depending on each case. 

A whole new design


  • New windchimes with tube number/ size that stand out of Dofrance Windchimes standard.
  • Outdoor chime/ percussion upon request.
  • New musical instrument (may or may not use our existing materials).
  • Chime/ Percussion for altar/ for tea retreat/ for monastery space/ other particular spaces, etc.
  • Other similar requests.

We will inform the final price depending on each case.

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Dofrance Windchimes Workshop is opened from 8:00AM to 5:00PM from Monday to Saturday.

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