The Aurora

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Introduction: The Aurora belongs to the Stella Collection – sound of the universe. The Stella collection was created for a different sound experience. For that reason, Aurora has a totally different combination from other former windchimes. Aurora has some back-and-forth high notes, which brings to us a glamorous feeling when listening to it.

Uses: With these happy sounds, Aurora can brings lively atmosphere to wherever it is hanged.

Place of Uses: Many Aurora chimes are hanged a lot at personal home, especially favored by school, kindergaten, etc.

Description: We have 2 versions of Aurora

  • Aurora 20: 6 tubes, with Tube OD 20mm.
  • Aurora 30: 6 tubes, with Tube OD 30mm.

Harmonize: Aurora harmonize best with other windchimes in the Stella Collection, especially Haria. It also combine nicely with Elf and Great Water.

Additional information

Kinds of Aurora Wind Chimes

Aurora 20, Aurora 30


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