The Grass Mellow



Ø tubes40mm
Warranty1 year


Introduction: The Grass Mellow is inspired from the rice fields that run to the horizon and are playing with the wind.

The field of grass, Binh Quoi Village, Saigon.



Uses: The Grass Mellow has the healing sound which is very relaxing and easy to listen to. This wind chime is appropriate for space that is wide, with grass or a lot of trees, the monastery, etc.

Place of uses: The Valley of Love in Da Lat, Vietnam.

Description: 6 tubes with Tube OD 40mm.

Harmonize: Với âm thanh bình dị như cỏ lúa, chuông Hương Đồng hòa âm tốt với nhiều loại chuông, trong đó có hệ thống chuông Nước, Haria, Aurora và chuông Đại Hải Thủy.


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