The Great Water




Tube OD60mm
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Introduction: Dai Hai Thuy/ Great Water is a masterpiece at 432Hz, the bell harmonizes both bass and treble, when harmonized together to create an OM reverberation echoing from the distant ocean.

Uses: Occupying the largest area on earth, an indispensable part of life and accounting for 60% and 70% of the body’s structure, water has no specific form but is a tool to interpret frequencies (according to the secret of water, professor Masaru Emoto), wanting water to look like a cup we pour water into a glass, wanting water to look like a basin we pour water into the basin, wanting water to carry the energy of love, we pour words of love into the water, Loving energies, water will carry the load and spread to other places, we are attracted to each other is actually due to the large-scale vibration of water molecules in our bodies. Dai Hai Thuy Bell adjusts the balance in each person’s body according to the law of gravity, the bell is completely calibrated at a frequency of 432Hz which is close to human DNA, Dai Hai Thuy plays the role of a tool right and right to attract the wrong parts of the body to help balance these wrong parts, return it to a state of balance and nature. When balanced and towards nature, people will become healthy, diseases will also gradually decrease, life will be more peaceful and calm.

Place of use: Great Water is often used at big pagodas and at Plum Village (Thailand and France)

Description: 6 aluminum tubes with Tube OD 60mm

Harmonize with: Great Water can harmonize great within the Water system, the Haria, Nova, Nebula, Aurora and Elf.


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