Singing Bowl note E 432hz


Thông số chuông:

Diameter27.5 cm
Weight (not including box)3.3 kg
Height22 cm
Thickness6.3 mm
Manufacturing placeChina


Introduction: The crystal singing bowl E belongs to the collection of Premium Singing Bowl that has been tuned at 432 Hz by Dofrance Windchimes. We select the best range of sound to introduce to you.

Description: The crystal singing bowl E has the Mi note. This is the 3rd small in all 6 bowls (bigger than A and G). The sound is considerably high and stays for a long time.

Instruction of use:

  • Please place the bowl firmly on the rubber circle.
  • Use the provided striker to strike or rotate on the bowl.
  • Try to rotate firmly with average force so that the sound will be bigger gradually and not interrupted.

Where to use: 

The crystal singing bowls are helpful tool to coordinate at-home meditation, relaxation, healing sessions, for both individual and group using.


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