The Sparkling

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Introduction: The Sparkling Bell is one of the basic and oldest bells of the Wind Bell House, with the idea being a clear sound, flashing like stars in the night sky.

Uses: With their compact nature and fresh sound, the Sparkling Bells are capable of adding life to wherever they are hung. Especially when Lung Linh is hung in a combination of 2 or more bells or combined with bass bells, they will create the feeling of a real wind ringing.

Place of use: A lot of townhouses and apartments, houses with small areas… are using Spark L and Spark S.

Size description: 6 bell tubes, tube diameter 15mm. Linh Linh Bell has 2 versions (with conical hat & without conical hat) + 2 sizes (size S and size L).

Harmony: Sparkling are suitable as a background for larger and deeper bells. In the same space, the Sparkling Bells will form a clear, chirping background sound, highlighting any deeper and deeper bells there.

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Kinds of Sparkling Wind Chimes

Spark S, Spark L


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