The Vega





Tube OD40mm


Introduction: The Bạch Minh/ Vega was originally inspired from the music of Progressive Metal Pink Folyd – the band with “academic” music for the picky listeners, each artwork has a subtle message, so the music of Bach Minh bell brings a feeling of lightheadedness and deep resonance.

Uses: The Vega stimulates creativity and helps letting go of negative emotions. The Vega is not suitable for all ears as this can be said to be a bell for those who have the qualities of an artist, who love silence and search for the depth of everything. The Vega bell was also chosen as a monumental and personalized gift.

Places of use: The first 8 Vegas are currently used at Minh Đăng Quang pagoda’s main hall, Kim Sa Tự pagoda (Bình Thuận province) and many other place in Vietnam and over the world.

Description: 6 aluminum tubes with Tube OD 40mm.

Harmonize with: The Vega harmonize best within its system.


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