Warranty Policy

Below is the Warranty Policy of Dofrance Wind chimes (including Conditions, Time, Cases, Warranty costs,…). Please read carefully.

If you still have questions, please email – call – inbox us on Facebook for better support.

1 – Warranty conditions


  • We guarantee for products manufactured by Dofrance Wind Chimes (with logo, production date engraved on the tube). No warranty support for Docks, Crystal singing bowl, and imported bells such as American Bells, Koshi chimes.
  • The wind chimes still have all their parts and production date engraved on the tube as it was manufactured (the chimes are not lost any parts of them: cap, tubes, wind-sail, striker). When the chimes are damaged, please keep all parts of the wind chimes.
  • If the chime’s tubes, wind-sail or any part of the wind chime is damaged, dented … due to a manufacturing error or during our transportation to you, we will replace it for you.

Note: We have the right to refuse warranty in case of self-changing structure and original design of chimes.

    2 – Warranty period


    All products are manufactured by Dofrance Windchimes (excluding docks, crystal singing bowl, imported bells) have a warranty period of:

    • Small chimes (sparkling, bamboo) have 1 year warranty.
    • Tube OD 20mm chimes have 2 years warranty.
    • Tube OD 30mm and above chimes are warranted for 5 years from the date of production.

    The production date of each chimes are engraved on the longest tube.

    3 – Warranty location


    To ensure the quality of the warranty, we only carry out the warranty at Dofrance Windchimes workshop – not at the places that hanging chimes. In case of necessary to go to a specific place for warranty, we will consider and notify you.

    Therefore, if you have warranty claims, please send the chimes to:
    Dofrance Windchimes workshop, address: 480/60/2 Binh Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Tel: 0909 513 255 Mr.Đức.

    4 – Warranty cases


    CASE 1: Free warranty IN THE WARRANTY TERM

    We will repair/replace free of charge for wind chimes that still have all the parts as they were made – the chimes have not lost or misplaced any part of the wind chimes.

    For these chimes, we will provide free warranty for the following items:

    • Replace chime cord.
    • Repaint the chimes on the spot where the paint is peeling (it doesn’t mean that we will repaint the whole bell or change the paint color).
    • Replace the new wind-sail if the old one is damaged, dented … due to manufacturing errors or during the process of shipping to you.
    • Replace the bell tubes with a new one if the old ones are damaged, dented … due to manufacturing errors or during the process we transport to you.
    CASE 2: Warranty for a fee IN THE WARRANTY TERM

    We will charge the fee for chimes that was lost partial of bell parts and cases that you change the structure and design of the chimes by yourself.

    Fees will be charged same as the case after the warranty period (See cost table below).

    For these chimes, we will charge for the following items:

    • Replace bell tubes, cap, striker (in case of loss, or damage not due to manufacturing fault).
    • Replace wind-sail (in case of loss).
    • Repaint the chime (in case you need to repaint the whole chime or change the paint color).
    After the warranty period, we support chargeable repair for items according to the cost table below.

    5 – Transport costs


    On all warranty products, the customer is responsible for shipping charges, either from our workshop to you, or from you to our workshop.

    Table of Warranty Expense

    KIND OF WINDHCIMESSmall chimesTube OD 20mmTube OD 30mmTube OD 35mmTube OD 40mmTube OD 50mmTube OD 60mm
    All string replacement (once)80k160k240k300k400k500k600k
    Middle string replacement (once)40k50k70k80k120k140k160k
    String tube replacement (once per tube)40k20k30k40k50k65k80k
    Color changing (once)100k200k300k400k500k600k700k
    Wind-sail replacement (pcs)90k150k250k250k330k350k400k
    Tube replacement (tube)100k250k600k680k – 850k1050k1100k – 1500k1400k – 1800k
    Striker replacement (pcs)100k220k320k320k500k500k – 800k800k – 1200k
    Cap replacement (pcs)80k220k350k350k700k700k – 1000k1000k – 1500k

    If you still have questions

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